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At U-Buggin, LLC, we provide the best service at an affordable price. We use chemicals that are safe for humans and pets to get the job done. You’re not just a number at U buggin? We take pride in protecting your home from any unwanted pest.

Your home is the most expensive and most important asset you’ll ever own. Our mission is to protect your home from termites and all other pests, which can threaten that investment. We offer quality, professional, experienced service and unmatched dedication to the job…all at the best price possible.

We are the best option for the job. We are knowledgeable about the bug business. Nothing makes us feel better than helping someone feel comfortable in their home. We don’t just want you as a customer, we are committed to protecting your home and family. Let us protect your home from termites and pests! U-Buggin? Better stop and call Chip 469-386-0373.

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